Labor Law

In the area of labor law, we provide legal services especially as regards the following matters:

  • origination of, changes to, and termination of employment relationships, including mass lay-offs
  • drafting employment and manager agreements
  • resolving “concurrence” issues in connection with a person’s parallel performance in an employment relationship and as a corporate officer of the same company
  • drafting internal employment policies and motivational systems
  • drafting incentive programs for employees, redundancy payments and special benefit programs
  • anti-competition clauses and employer’s know-how protection
  • employment related issues of restructurings, outsourcing, insourcing and the passage of rights and obligations from labor-law relationships from one employer to another
  • employment of foreign employees
  • negotiations with employees in connection with cross-border mergers
  • agency employment and outplacement
  • review of liability issues in connection with occupational hazards and diseases
  • representation in court in labor-law disputes